Dallas Mavericks Owner Mark Cuban Perfectly Roasts Gaming Hater Over the NBA 2K League

JD Lasica / SocialMedia.biz

Mark Cuban went after a gaming hater on Twitter after they undermined players in the NBA 2K League and professional esports in general.

As the gaming world appears to grow on what seems like a daily basis, the industry continues to break into ‘mainstream’ culture as time goes on.

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The world of competitive gaming and esports has also seen a substantial boost in recent years, especially when prize pools and infrastructure have seen multiple, high-profile upgrades across the industry.

One of the most recognized additions to the esports world has been that of the NBA 2K League which features a collection of the top 2K players in the world competing against each other, along with representing various NBA clubs with contracts, player benefits, and more.

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However, some individuals still see gaming and esports in a negative light and will go to great lengths to undermine and disrespect those involved in the industry by brushing off instances as ‘just video games,’ especially when compared to traditional sports.

Yet, after a Twitter user mentioned how the 2K league was ‘a joke,’ Dallas Mavericks Owner and billionaire Mark Cuban mentioned how the players competing are the ‘best in the world’ at what they do in a perfect reply.

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Well-known for his investments, Cuban has backed esports for multiple years at the time of writing and has become a major supporter of the scene in general.

More information on the NBA 2K League including prize pools, background, and much more can be found right here.