Twitch Streamer Smashes His Setup Because He Can’t Find a Gun in Fortnite (Warning: Loud Noises)

Albert Petrosyan

One of the most annoying things in Fortnite: Battle Royale is not being able to find a weapon immediately after landing.

In Fortnite, good loot is never guaranteed, and sometimes a player can search through an entire house or building before finding even a low-tier gun.

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This can get very frustrating, and as Twitch streamer ‘JJFried’ has demonstrated, players will tend to express their anger in different ways.

JJFried landed at Salty Springs and went into the closest house looking for a weapon. The only thing he managed to find were bullets and ammo.

“Love it when the first fucking things I pick up are bullets and no gun.”

*Warning: Loud Noises*

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He proceeded to search the house’s basement, where he found a chest that yielded a Supressed SMG, but by then it was too late.

A player had chased him down there and elimiated JJFried before he could do anything with the SMG. The streamer proceeded to violently swing at one of his monitors, sending his face-cam flying.

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Honestly, can anyone blame him? Most Fortnite players have reached this level of anger at some point and can sympathize with JJFried.

With the game’s infamous Random Number Generator (RNG) system leaving most things to chance, and the end result is not always pleasant.