TSM’s Myth Channelled His Inner FaZe-Trickshotter to Pull Off Incredible Victory Royale

Mike Kent

Team Solomid captain Ali ‘Myth’ Kabbani is one of the most popular professional players in the Fortnite scene, in part because he’s highly entertaining to watch.

The eighteen-year-old moved to Los Angeles to live in the TSM house alongside his teammates to pursue his dream of playing at the highest level of the game.

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One of the reasons Myth has become such a popular figure is down to his ability to pull off something from the most unlikely of situations.

Much like the rest of the pro Fortnite world, it has become incredibly easy for Myth to win a regular public match. To counter this, streamers often try and get creative as possible to close out a game.

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Myth decided to channel his inner FaZe trickshotter by hitting a jump pad, doing a variety of tricks and then finally finishing the round with a Hunting Rifle shot to his opponents face.

Due to ‘FaZe’ style of his kill, he Tweeted the video out with the caption that it was his FaZe application.

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While it was obviously just a nod to FaZe Clan’s history of trickshotting, a number of his followers did get concerned that he might leave TSM.

Thankfully a number of the FaZe Clan guys took it for what it was and shared their compliments of the move.

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This ‘application’ by Myth appears to have spurred on one member of the FaZe Fortnite team, with Cloakzy uploading his own trickshot clip in response. Who’s was better?