TSM’s Daequan Gets Unbanned on Twitch Just in Time for Friday Fortnite

. 4 years ago

Team SoloMid professional Fortnite player ‘Daequan’ has been unbanned on Twitch several hours after his channel was hit with a 24 hour suspension.

The reversal of his ban came just in time for him to compete in Week 7 of the Friday Fortnite celebrity tournament.

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Daequan was one of several prominent Twitch streamers that found themselves suddenly facing temporary bans due to DMCA violations for playing copyrighted music on stream.

Due to Twitch’s terms of service, this meant that his image, voice, or name could not appear on anyone else’s stream, making it virtually impossible for him to participate in Friday Fortnite.

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However, thanks to some string pulling done by the competition’s organizer Daniel ‘KEEMSTAR’ Keem, the DMCA violation was retracted and the Twitch suspension was reversed shortly thereafter, making Daequan eligible to play in Friday Fortnite.

Unfortunately, this meant that he and his partner ‘CaMiLLs’ had to start the tournament straight from the Losers Bracket because they were unable to play their first match in time and were disqualified.

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Furthermore, this deprived fans of the chance to watch Daequan and CaMiLLs face their TSM teammates ‘Myth’ and ‘Hamlinz’ in what likely would have been an exhilarating first round matchup.

Before his ban was uplifted, Daequan was asked why he wasn’t streaming on YouTube for the time being, but he claimed that his partnership with Twitch restricted him from doing that.

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