TSM Myth “at a loss for words” over state of Fortnite comp

Epic Games is facing yet another backlash from its professional community after a blog post revealed more info about the upcoming competitive season.

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TSM Myth became frustrated after seeing how Epic selected participants for the next major Fortnite event and possibly what patch IEM Katowice will be played on.

Myth retweeted Fortnite coach Convertible, who originally called out the selection process. “I’m kinda at a lost for words. What’s happening internally? Are things dysfunctional? Did blog number one have a huge error,” said Myth.

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The reason for his reaction was Season 8 of Fortnite will go live the day of the IEM Katowice tournament, meaning significant gameplay changes and new items could be added with no time for pros to adjust – something Epic said they would avoid in the future.

In fairness to Epic, they could play IEM Katowice on an older version of the game, similar to how the Overwatch League runs on different patches than the publicly available version of Overwatch. They have not given any indication that will be the case, however.

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Another source of frustration was Epic claiming to let players know if an in-game Pop-up Cup was going to be used for qualification. Matt Layman, Esports lead at Epic, said “we will be very clear when something will be used as a qualifier.”

Unfortunately, that was not the case. The top 25 players from the Explorer Cup qualified for the Secret Skirmish, even though no prior indication was given that the Explorer Cup would be used for placements. In fairness to Epic once again, they did call it a secret – but that will hardly reassure players who feel esports communication is lacking.