The Latest Strange Portal to Appear in Fortnite Is Significantly Different to All That Came Before

Ross Deason

Another one of the mysterious, destructive, portals has appeared in Fortnite Battle Royale but this one seems to have no obvious target.

Destructive portals in Fortnite Battle Royale have been wreaking havoc all over the map ever since the rocket launch event on June 30th.

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While nobody knows exactly what they are or what they are doing, one consistent pattern has been that they are attacking recognizable landmarks or signs in well established areas of the map.

So far we’ve seen the Lonely Lodge sign, the Motel sign, the spinning tomato head in Tomato Town, the Retail Row “NOMS” sign, and the burger part of the Durr Burger sign in Greasy Grove destroyed or consumed by the shimmering rifts.

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However, the latest portal to show up seems to fly in the face of everything that we thought we knew about them as it isn’t anywhere near anything that could be described as a “landmark”.

Instead, this new apparition is located on the side of a mountain, North West of Greasy Grove, as shown in the video below from FireMonkey:

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One theory is that this portal will actually return one of the previously consumed items, like the Lonely Lodge sign, to this new location.

Others believe that the mountain could be damaged or a new cave/tunnel system might be created.

With the speed that things are currently moving at, it seems unlikely that we will have to wait much longer before we get an answer to the latest mystery.