Tfue Gets Glitched for Cheap Death During $500,000 Fortnite Summer Skirmish

Fortnite esports took another black eye following Week 2 of the Summer Skirmish after accusations of cheating towards the winner and a glitchy elimination involving a star player.

FaZe Clan’s Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney was playing in the $500,000 tournament when he was eliminated of mysterious causes.

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Tfue was driving in an ATK when his health and shields started depleting for no known reason. He stepped out of the kart and was eliminated.

His health depleted as if he was being shot, though the shots were not registering on his screen and there were no indications he was in a firefight.

The elimination could have been a result of the attacking player, or Tfue, suffering lag on a public server.

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The health depletion also could have been a bug in Fortnite, one that causes the action to freeze around players driving an ATK.

Tfue had three kills at the time of his elimination with 21 players remaining.

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He would go on to finish in 15th place overall with 136 points, 48 behind the eventual winner iDropz_Bodies, but only 13 points out of the top three.

This is not the first time Fortnite esports has seen a glitch during a high profile competition, NickEh30 suffered an unfortunate incident with the ATK as well.