Sources Report That Epic Games Plans to Host $500,000 Summer Skirmish Solos Tournament (Unconfirmed)

Albert Petrosyan
Epic Games

According to various sources and players, Epic Games is planning to host a $500,000 Fortnite Solos tournament on Friday, July 20 at 5 PM ET / 2 PM PT.

The competition would be the second in Epic’s ‘Summer Skirmish’ tournament series, following the $250,000 Duos tournament that was played on July 14.

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This information was first reported by esports consultant and insider Rod ‘Breslau’ Slasher, who tweeted out about the event on July 18.

Just as with the first tournament, this will feature professional players and well-known content creators, as well as some of the top performers from previous in-game events.

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Twitch streamer ‘Valkyrae’ who participated in last week’s Duos tournament, tweeted out that she has been invited to compete once again.

According to her post, the format for this tournament will feature 10 matches, and overall scoring will be based on placements and eliminations.

Although Epic has not yet officially confirmed or announced the tournament, the date would fall in line with the presented schedule for the Summer Skirmish, which states that the events would be held on Fridays and Saturdays.

It is not yet clear whether this tournament will be the lone one for this week, or if there will be another one played on Saturday, July 20.

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Regardless, Epic will hope that this and other future events will produce quality content for their players and viewers to enjoy, which was not the case for their previous tournament.

The $250,000 Duos tournament has been considered by many to be an overall failure, due to the boring play-style and heavy server lag that ultimately led to the competition being cut short.