Someone has Recreated Childish Gambino’s ‘This is America’ Music Video in Fortnite

Albert Petrosyan

The past few months have seen Fortnite transcend beyond the world of online game and become a cultural phenomenon.

No longer just a video game, aspects of Fortnite can frequently be seen on clothing and merchandise, in popular media, and even at sporting events, where professional athletes use the game’s emotes as celebrations.

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Following this trend, YouTuber ‘WiziBlimp’ has used Fortnite’s in-game replay feature to recreate the music video of the recently released song “This is America.”

Written and produced by American rapper Childish Gambino, the song became an instant hit upon its release on May 5th, debuting at number one on the US Billboard Top 100 list.

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Using the Fortnite characters and emotes at his disposal, WiziBlimp did a remarkable job getting his video to resemble that of “This is America” as closely as possible.

The movement of the in-game cameras, the accuracy of the character placements, and especially the locations that were used, all contributed to producing a true piece of Fortnite art.

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Perhaps the most incredible part of it all is the fact that they managed to complete this project with a full, four member squad on a public server, considering how many times they had to face enemy players who came nearby.

Nevertheless, WiziBlimp and his team managed to get it done, and the full Fortnite edition of the “This is America” music video can be seen below, and on his official YouTube channel.