Sniperwolf Attempts the Fortnite ‘Emote’ Dances in Real Life

Mike Kent

One of the biggest content creators on YouTube has tried her hand at recreating the Fortnite emote dances.

Alia ‘Sniperwolf’ Shelesh is a high profile personality from America who boasts nine million subscribers on the video sharing platform, almost a million followers on Twitter and over three million on Instagram.

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She started out her career uploading Call of Duty gameplay, but much like the rest of the world, Sniperwolf has been hooked by Fortnite Battle Royale.

She’s such a big fan that she’s paid tribute to the game in a number of ways, including cosplaying characters from the game.

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Part of the appeal of the game is the customization of characters, including dance moves known as ‘emotes’.

Often taken from popular culture references, new emotes are released on a weekly basis by the Epic Games development team, bringing new life each week into Fortnite.

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Sniperwolf has attempted to reenact the emotes in real life in a video uploaded on June 3rd to her channel.

This is actually the second time she’s uploaded this style of video, amassing almost four million hits the first time round. She looks set to beat that record with the updated version.