Record Breaking 48 Kill Fortnite Solo Game Should Have Been 54

Calum Patterson

The now infamous Fortnite player ‘Elemental_Ray’ gained notoriety recently after he wiped out 48 players in a single solo game – taking advantage as over half the lobby looked on at the rocket launch.

The rocket launch event was the first major live event taking place in Fortnite, and an unwritten truce of sorts had been agreed between players.

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Because the rocket launch would only be visible once, many player put down their weapons and gazed into the battle royale island sky, to witness the event.

But of course, there were bound to be some spoil sports taking advantage of those with their guard down, and one player, Elemental_Ray took his chance to break the solo kills record.

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By destroying the ramp which held 48 players, Elemental_Ray send them flying to their demise – but it turns out that the ramp was in fact holding more than 48 players.

A reddit post shows that there was in fact 54 players on the elevated platform, but the elimination of six of them was attributed to another player after they did removed a single timber floor piece.

The post shows a player by the name PcGaming1724 breaking the platform holding the six other players, meaning that the record was reduced to only 48, attributed to Elemental_Ray.

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Many have already written off the 48 kill record as simply unbeatable, so imagine it was bolstered by another six kills.

The guilty party, Elemental_Ray has also made a video explaining his side of the story, showing that another player was in fact planning to knock the ramp, and so he simply swooped in and took the glory.