OpTic Gaming’s CouRage Performs Generous Gesture For an Up and Coming Fortnite Streamer

OpTic Gaming content creator Jack ‘CouRage’ Dunlop often performs good deeds for young up and coming gamers including promoting their channels and sending them gifts.

Regular viewers and members of the CouRageous (his subscribers) will know how these interactions with random duos on Fortnite can be an exciting experience for everyone.

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When gamers get into a queue with one of their favorite streamers, it can lead to some epic moments on stream.

One young fan hoping to follow in the footsteps of high profile players was live streaming on YouTube when he joined the duo queue with CouRage.

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As the match progress links to the small streamers channel were broadcasted in the chat, and his YouTube subscriber count went from 60 to 100 in seconds.

At the time of the stream he had two viewers, and by the end, he had over 100.

Those number would continue to soar, and CouRage tweeted out that the kid had over 1,400 subs and 50 viewers.

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That wasn’t all though; the OpTic Gaming streamer broke the kid’s donation record with a $100 donation and a message to buy a webcam with it.

The generous gift comes as no surprise as the former CoD caster has performed grand gestures like this in the past.