Fortnite pro uses an absurd amount of medkits to win a scrim

NRG Zayt may have broken the Fortnite meta with his new medkit-fueled strategy in a pro scrim.

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While everyone is aware of competitive Fortnite’s issues with games ending in heal-offs, Zayt took the strategy to a whole nother level.

The max medkits one player can carry in one slot is three, so that’s usually the top amount any player has as the game comes to an end, but not Zayt.

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No, Zayt carried 12 medkits, taking up four out of his five available slots to begin a heal off before the final circle was even set.

He healed for over two minutes as the player count dwindled before finally taking the Victory Royale on his second-to-last medkit.

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If this actually becomes a viable strategy, Fortnite’s competitive squad gameplay will get even more absurd towards the end of the game and some solution will be needed.

Zayt even tagged a pair of people working on Fortnite esports. Despite how fun this moment had to be for Zayt and the Ghost Gaming trio he was playing with, no pro wants this to become how every game has to end.

Because Zayt only had one gun, the P90, he relied on his teammates to defend him, but the pure genius in the strategy is that no one expects a healer to be so far from the circle, so he was basically impossible to find and impossible to out heal.