NickEh30 Reacts to His First Ever, Incredibly Awkward, Fortnite Win

YouTuber Nicholas ‘NickEh30’ Amyoony is one of the most popular Fortnite creators around, with over 2 million subscribers and hundreds of thousands of social media followers.

In a new video posted by NickEh30, he decided to look back at a less popular, slightly more awkward time when Fortnite was just starting out.

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The reaction video shows off the early stages of Fortnite back in October of 2017, with a smaller map, only one dance and no Battle Pass. The pre-match load screen was close to a minute and a half long and skydiving took significantly longer.

NickEh30 also noticed a change in himself compared to today, as October 2017 NickEh30 was unbelievably excited about the game.

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In a nice Easter Egg for fans, the old video mentions how one_shot_gurl also plays the game, long before the two would pair up on streams together.

“There’s a lot of cool streamers who play this game, like one_shot_gurl, I don’t know if you guys have heard of her. She has a really positive attitude and I like watching her.”

NickEh30 couldn’t help but laugh as he watched himself talk about one_shot_gurl back in October, before commenting on what would happen.

“So this is before me and [one_shot_gurl] started playing… It’s crazy how [I] mentioned her and lo and behold, [I] started playing with her.”

The extended skydive time allowed him to reminissce, but it finally ended and NickEh30 was able to show off even more changes with the game.

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Traps could only be placed on floors, the old build system was slower and more cumbersome, and Nick himself wasn’t the snapshot he is now.

The highlight of the video is towards the end however, as the eliminations pile up and the possibility of a win becomes evident. Memes played a bigger role in his celebrations back then.