Never take fall damage in Fortnite again with this exploit

Calum Patterson

Since glider redeploy was removed from standard Fortnite playlists, players have had to deal with the risk of fall damage again – but this new exploit means you can avoid ever taking fall damage again.

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Glider redeploy, though controversial among the player base, certainly helped with general mobility and the flow of the action in the battle royale game, by allowing players to descend from any height on demand without fear of fall damage.

Now though, there is a new method to drop on players from above, and strangely it involves the purple corrupt zones, which give players a temporary bounce affect.

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This temporary effect can be made permanent though, by pairing it with aerial items like balloons, quad crasher or the shadow stones.

This was discovered by Fortnite mastermind ImSpeedyGonzales, who first tested his theory when balloons were added in the v6.21 update.

“If you let go of the balloon after using a bouncer, you don’t take any fall damage, and there is no limit on the amount of time you can spend up in the air,” he explains, “So even after the purple glow is gone, you can still let go of a balloon and land perfectly fine.”

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SpeedyGonzales then shows that the technique is even more effective when used in combination with the quad crasher, which can reach ridiculous heights thanks to its thrusters.

The trick also works with ‘Shadow Stones’, although you cannot reach the same heights as when using balloons or the quad crasher.

In total there are four corrupted zones, but it’s unlikely these will stay as permanent additions to the Fortnite map, with a wintery map update expected soon, according to leaks.