Myth explains why Fortnite’s divisive Proximity Mines are “pretty sick”

Isaac McIntyre
Twitch: Myth / Epic Games

Not every Fortnite player may be totally in love with the new Proximity Mines introduced in patch v12.10, but according to Twitch star Ali ‘Myth’ Kabbani, the “nutty” flying explosives have been nothing but fun since the content drop.

The divisive new Proximity Mines headlined Fortnite’s latest update, which also included a few bug fixes along with the introduction of the new weapon.

Players across the battle royale pretty quickly figured out just how they could cause the most mayhem with the deadly new explosives. Some even turned the Season 2 add-on into a more long-ranged threat with a cheeky trick.

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While some have been enjoying mucking around with explosives ⁠— something we’ve always been told not to do ⁠— there are others that have been less keen on the arrival of a powerful new destructive item in Chapter 2.

TSM streamer Myth sits far from that crowd, however. According to the Fortnite star, who showcased the Proximity Mines in his latest YouTube upload, Epic’s latest addition to the ever-growing battle royale are “actually so good.”

Epic Games
Fortnite’s v12.10 update added the explosive Proximity Mines, and Myth is loving them.

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While grinding through Fortnite after the latest update, Myth stumbled across the mines in a loot chest. Needless to say, he was a little excited.

“I got them, I got them!” he yelled in excitement, finally bringing his quest to find the latest weapon added to the game to a close.

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He soon got to work mucking around with the explosives. After figuring out the damage, as well as the throwable range, he took it into a one-vs-one duel against an opponent. There, he discovered another feature he particularly liked.

“Oh wait, it marks them through the wall too? Did you guys see that? It marks them through the walls, that’s actually pretty sick. The fact you get vision, and 50 damage… holy sh*t, that’s actually kinda nutty,” he said, seemingly impressed.

“I think they work off the new physics engine too,” he said, and tested the new mine out a few times. As he perfected the throw-bounce technique, he passed more judgment: “Oh sh*t, I don’t think I’ve seen anything like this before… so cool.”

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He did express a little concern over the fact that once you had laid a few of them out, they were difficult to pick up straight away. That fear seemed to be alleviated slightly, however, when he finally got the speedy pickup right.

“I like how fast you can pick them up, if you get it right,” he said. “They’re really interesting, I think you could get some good wins with them.”

True to his word, the Twitch streamer was soon pulling off impressive multiple mine-throws to near-perfection, and bagging kills to boot. It eventually claimed him a Victory Royale, and he could only pile on more love for the explosive.

“They’re really interesting. I like them. You could use them like traps if you’re fast with them, 100 percent. You can also break someone’s builds with them too. They’re pretty useful I think,” he concluded.

For mobile readers, the related segment begins at 5:20 in the video below.

While not every player has been enjoying the surplus of explosives that have been rolled into the game in recent patches, the Proximity Mines seem to be getting a lot less hate than the return of the previously-vaulted C4.

You might get a few angry messages if you score a kill with C4, but your enemies may be a bit more impressed with Proximity Mine kills ⁠— make sure you read up on how to pull off the perfect toss here to score your next Victory Royale.