How to get Deadpool Katanas backbling from Fortnite Week 4 challenges

Jacob Hale
Epic Games

Fortnite’s Week 4 Deadpool challenges appear to have been leaked ahead of release, bringing with them the awesome Katanas backbling.

Deadpool has made for an interesting addition to Fortnite and, unlike many other skins that get added to the Fortnite item shop, it has become somewhat of a staple to the game, with new challenges each week for players to level up their Deadpool’s look.

In week 4 comes a super cool backbling, giving players a daunting pair of katanas to show off. But how do you get them?

Epic Games
Deadpool was a very welcome addition to Fortnite.

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There are only two challenges that need completing to unlock Deadpool’s katanas, which will need to be completed once the challenges go live on Friday, March 13.

The first is to deal 10,000 damage to enemy structures, so you’re going to want to get the spray weapons out and starting taking enemy player’s builds to complete this challenge quicker. Getting aggressive could be the key to this.

Find Deadpool’s Katanas

The second part of the challenge is to find both of Deadpool’s katanas. You’ll find the first sliced through his mirror in the HQ, and the second in Maya’s upgrade vault.

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The first three weeks of Deadpool challenges gave players a variety of sprays to use, so the katanas are definitely a step-up and provide users with something much more obvious to flex while running about the map.

The katanas will complete the Deadpool look, with the main skin itself already being a popular choice in-game thanks to the success of Marvel’s movie franchise based on the character.

As well as completing the Deadpool katana challenges, make sure you’ve completed the Week 4 TNTina’s trial challenges to earn a major XP boost and level up your battle pass.