How to complete ‘Destroy elite members of the Ice Legion’ Fortnite Ice Storm challenge

. 3 years ago

With Fortnite Battle Royale’s Ice Storm event in full swing, a new set of challenges have been unveiled on January 23 that could leave players scratching their heads.

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Much like the Fortnitemares event during Halloween, the Ice Storm event comes complete with daily challenges that mostly center around the zombies known as the Ice Legion this time around.

While some of these challenges, such as “Deal damage to Ice Legion with Shotguns or SMGs” challenge, others don’t seem as straightforward at first glance.

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Such is the case with one of the newest challenges titled “Destroy elite members of the Ice Legion.”

Many of the previous challenges have revolved around the Ice Legion, but this is the first mention we’ve seen of the “elite members,” which could be a bit confusing.

Thankfully, the solution is actually quite simple as the elite members are identical to the normal members except for the fact that they glow. You’ll know when you’ve found one since they take a few extra shots to kill as compared to the normal Ice Legion.

You can spot an elite Ice Legion member by their glowing skin.
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They will appear less often than normal members of the Ice Legion, but they can still be found at any Ice Shard around the map.

Elite members do, however, tend to show up in greater numbers for Shards that are just about to be destroyed, meaning a bit of finesse will go a long way to maximizing your time and completing this as quickly as possible.

With Epic Games also tweaking the spawn rate of the Ice Legion in a hotfix on January 22, these elites should show up more often across the board in the early game.

For help with any of the other Ice Storm challenges, be sure to head over to our hub for a comprehensive breakdown of each and every one.

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