Ghost Gaming pros Aydan and Innocents win $20,000 Friday Fortnite – recap, highlights, final placements, $10K prize winner

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KEEMSTAR / Epic Games

The fourth running of Friday Fortnite has finally come to a close, as Ghost Gaming pro players Aydan and Innocents beat out their FaZe Clan rivals Dubs and Megga to finish in first place.

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Thanks to popular YouTuber MrBeast fronting the $20,000 prize pool from his own pocket, the fan-favorite Friday Fortnite series was able to return for a fourth week on July 5.

Everything you need to know about what went down in the latest running of the tournament can be found below, including a recap of the grand final, the final placements, a completed bracket, and more. 

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Grand Final recap and highlights

Having already beaten Dubs and Megga in the final of the winners bracket Bracket, Aydan and Innocents came into the grand final having to just win one series, while their opponents had two win two in a row.

Map one of the first series started off well for FaZe, who took a brief lead early on, but the Ghost duo stormed back to take a significant 18-8 lead going into the second map. 

Ghost Gaming
Ghost Gaming Fortnite pros Aydan and Innocents (not pictured) won their first Friday Fortnite as a duo.

With their backs against the wall, Dubs and Megga tried to adopt an aggressive strategy going into the second map, knowing they had a lot of ground to make up if they were to beat their Ghost counterparts.

However, their strategy pretty much backfired, as their decision to drop in Paradise Palms ended up with them getting eliminated early, giving Aydan and Innocents the 21-11 win and crowning them Friday Fortnite champions. 

Final placements for Friday Fortnite week four

Here is the finished list of final placements for today’s tournament.

Half of the $20,000 prize pool will be going to the team that finished in the first place, with the other half being given to one lucky Friday Fortnite viewers (details below). 

Placement Team Prize Money
1 Ghost Aydan & Ghost Innocents $10,000
2 FaZe Dubs & FaZe Megga
3 Typical Gamer & FaZe Thiefs
4 FaZe Bini & FaZe Diggy
5-6 Akhram & TSM Zexrow
5-6 Akademiks & LG Destroy
7-8 Ninja & FaZe Sway
7-8 MAD Ruski & 100T Ceice
9-12 100T Elevate & Valkyrae
9-12 Mickalow & Solary Airwaks
9-12 GubbaTV & Gorb
9-12 FaZe Replays & Nick Eh 30
13-16 Secret Mongraal & Mitr0
13-16 Vinny & Bobo
13-16 Vikkstar123 & TheBurntChip
17-24 FaZe Highsky & LeBron James Jr
17-24 FinalightTwitch & Taylor Caniff
17-24 David Meyler & Connor Ball
17-24 DolanDark & Nopeify
17-24 TSM Myth & MS Clix
17-24 LosPollos & Mopi (DQ)
17-24 FaZe Rain & FaZe Temperrr
17-24 JRated & Matthew Espinosa
25-32 Joshy & Pinky
25-32 NRG MrSavage & NRG benjyfishy
25-32 Froste & Classify
25-32 LG Kiwiz & LG Formula
25-32 FaZe Jarvis & FaZe Kay
25-32 FaZe Tenser & FaZe Blaze
25-32 Fitz & Mccreamy
25-32 BYE

Friday Fortnite bracket (July 5)

Here is the completed version of the bracket from the July 5 tourney, including both the Winners and Losers Brackets. 

$10,000 viewer prize winner

As with most of the previous Friday Fortnite tournaments, the July 5 running featured a $10,000 prize given to one lucky viewer picked by MrBeast and KEEMSTAR.

All people had to do to be considered for this was be active in the chat of one of the participating streamers’ Twitch channel. 

The winner of this week’s $10,000 prize was ‘LmAoRaF.’

How does Friday Fortnite work?

Friday Fortnite is a weekly tournament that brings together some of the biggest content creators and pro players of the online gaming community, sometimes even featuring celebrities.

The tournament is double-elimination, and uses the exciting ‘total of two’ and ‘bot race’ format. In each round, the teams that get matched up queue into a public Squads lobby together, where they try to get as many eliminations as possible.

After two Squads matches, the team with the most combined eliminations gets to advance, while a third match is played if the two teams end up tied.

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