Fortnite’s Second Ever Legendary Glider is Coming Soon to the Item Shop, and It’s Right From Dr. Evil’s Lair

Albert Petrosyan

According to leaked game files, a brand new Legendary glider is coming soon to the Item Shop of Fortnite: Battle Royale.

Called ‘Laser Chomp,’ the glider joins the ‘Royale Dragon’ as the only two gliders in the game that are of Legendary rarity.

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The image, name, and rarity of the Laser Chomp was leaked by, a database of Fortnite’s various cosmetic items and emotes.

This glider is part of the new batch of cosmetic items coming as part of the v5.1.0 Update.


It was separately announced as an upcoming item by Fortnite news outlet FortniteINTEL, whotweeted out an image of the glider.

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The Laser Chomp features a great white shark with a red laser emitter attached to its head and body. Although the price of this glider has not yet been announced or leaked, all Legendary items tend to cost 2,000 V-Bucks, equivalent to $20 USD.

However, it is not yet clear when this item will actually be released in the Item Shop, although it should not be too long following the launch of v5.1.0 Update.

Since the Royale Dragon releases a profoundly thunderous set of motions and sounds when it opens, many expect this new glider to have some distinguishable animations, likely to involve the attached laser.
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The concept of using sharks with lasers attached to their heads is not exactly Fortnite’s own idea, as anyone who has watched the films Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery and Goldmember would tell you.

The movies’ antagonist, known as Dr. Evil, had quite a fondness for using laser equipped sharks as a way of torturing and eliminating his enemies and victims, as can be seen in the clips provided below.

Who would have thought at the time that years later, one of the most popular video games in history would turn Dr. Evil’s malicious vision into an animated gliding device.