Fortnite streamer uses an actual guitar as a controller & somehow gets kills

Michael Gwilliam
Robdiesalot plays Fortnite with a guitar

It’s not unusual to see Twitch streamers compete in multiplayer shooters with all sorts of weird controllers, but a Fortnite player is making waves for actually managing to frag out with a guitar.

Novelty and gimmick controllers aren’t exactly anything new. Actually winning matches while using them, however, takes quite a bit of skill.

That’s exactly what Twitch streamer RobDiesAlot managed to pull off during a recent Fortnite broadcast where he managed to actually win some duels all with his weird controller.

In a duel that lasted well over a minute, the Spanish entertainer miraculously managed to outplay his opposition with some smooth maneuvering.

The long distance shootout on Sweaty Sands began with RobDiesAlot taking fire from quite a ways off, but rather than engage in the firefight, the streamer took cover and forced his opponent to come to him.

Taking a page from Obi-Wan Kenobi in Revenge of the Sith, Rob used the high ground to his advantage to shoot down onto his foe as they approached, but failed to secure the frag.

After healing up, the streamer jumped down to take the fight at close range and landed the decisive shot after a sweet 360 spin.

“Got him!” Rob laughed with glee.

In another impressive clip, the guitarist was able to come out ahead in a close-range firefight and then had to quickly contend with another foe who appeared.

Once again, by taking his time and making his opponent come to him, Rob was able to overcome his controller disadvantage and landed the final blow despite only having a sliver of health left.

Not bad for someone playing with a musical instrument!

Rob’s guitar skills have been featured before, specifically on his Twitter page where his pinned tweet features him playing over the Swedish melodic death metal band Arch Enemy’s hit song Nemesis.

As more and more streamers get into the weird controller game, it will be interesting to see what the future holds and just how far they can push the limit of what’s possible with musical instruments and video games.