Fortnite streamer gets emotional after receiving a crazy amount of bits

A streamer named Le0islive got emotional after receiving a bunch of bit drops in quick succession.

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The streaming world can be a brutal one at times, especially for relatively small streamers like Le0, but moments like this make it worth it.

For people unfamiliar, each bit on Twitch is worth $0.01 so a cheer for 100 bits is worth one dollar. 

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The train started with Tyler10 cheering for 5000 bits ($50) and, before Le0 could really even process that, RaptorCon23 cheering for 1000 ($10) more.

After the video ends, Tyler throws another 2500 bits ($25) down bringing his total to 7500 and Le0 close to 10,000 in total bits over a ten minute period.

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Le0’s channel is currently experiencing a massive surge in growth after he impressed Daequan in a sub-tournament with his crazy fast building.

While Le0 didn’t actually win the tournament, he got a better prize by being the featured spectator on Daequan’s stream for most of the game.

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The effects were immediate. On October 24th, Le0 averaged 23 viewers on his stream, then he was featured by Daequan and his viewership for October 27th, 28th and 29th hovered just below 200 viewers according to TwitchMetrics.  

Still, Tyler10 wasn’t a new viewer. He sais in chat he has been there since the beginning, but the quick growth of Le0’s channel may have prompted him to start throwing some major money towards the streamer.