Fortnite Servers Go Down for Highly Anticipated V4.1 Update – Thanos Is Coming

. 4 years ago

Fortnite Battle Royale’s servers have gone offline temporarily as the development team applies the highly anticipated V4.1 update featuring Marvel’s Thanos.

Epic Games, the developers behind Fortnite, have done an almost perfect job of keeping their game fresh and exciting since it originally began to blow up in late 2017.

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They have done this through a variety of updates and patches that constantly bring new items, weapons, emotes, cosmetics, map changes, and even limited time modes for players to enjoy.

Every patch is greeted with excitement but the V4.1 update promises to be just that little bit more interesting as it will mark the beginning of Fortnite’s crossover with Marvel’s Infinity War.

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The exact details of how the deal will work are currently uncertain but we do know that an “Infinity Gauntlet” will be dropped in every game and the person that finds it will turn into Thanos, the main villain in the Infinity War film.

Of course, the V4.1 patch is also likely to add a number of other interesting new features or cosmetics and it doesn’t look like we’ll have to wait for much longer as the developers have now announced that downtime for the update has begun.

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One thing that the Fortnite Battle Royale developers are particularly good at doing is keeping their fanbase on their toes, so expect a number of surprises to be included in the patch notes when they are eventually released.

If you can’t wait to jump into a game and try to find the Infinity Gauntlet, keep an eye on the Fortnite and Dexerto Twitter accounts for updates.

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