Fortnite Release Most Cryptic Season 5 Teaser Yet With New Slogan – ‘Worlds Collide’

Calum Patterson

Epic Games has released another teaser ahead of the release of season 5 in Fortnite Battle Royale, giving another clue as to what fans can expect in terms of theme.

It has been speculated that an historical theme of some sort will be part of season 5, with numerous historical objects being spotted appearing on the map.

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The portals are also a big clue, but no one is quite certain what it all means yet as Fortnite keeps everything well under wraps.

Previous teaser images for season 5 included firstly a ‘kitsune’ mask of Japanese origin, and then an axe of some kind which many speculated was inspired by Greek or Norse mythology.

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If anything, this third teaser, which includes the text “Worlds Collide” only complicates matters further, but perhaps suggests that there will be numerous historical and thematic inspirations ‘colliding’ for season 5.

This would help make sense of otherwise random seeming objects that have been appearing in game too, which include an anchor and carriage.

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Season 5 is set to begin at 4am EDT (9am BST), and in addition to new skins and items, many are expecting serious map overhauls – some of which have already begun with the destruction of the Tomato Head etc.

This new image shows two portals or rifts colliding, so perhaps fans can expect another live event similar to that of the rocket launch which happened recently.

What exactly season 5 has in store for players remains shrouded in mystery, but whatever it is, it’s set to be very exciting for Fortnite fans.