Fortnite pros express frustration at the young age of their audiences

Entering the replies on Fortnite pros/streamers social media posts is almost never for the faint of heart.

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On Twitter, replies such as “like if you saw this live” or “Don’t know about that one, Chief” span as far as the eye can see.

Those replies are an expected part of being in a game with a fan base as diverse in age ranges as Fortnite is, but some pros are starting to get frustrated.

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Luminosity Gaming’s SypherPK brought up some common responses on his Instagram that annoy him, and point to the young age of the commenter.

SypherPK’s frustration struck a chord with many Fortnite pros. DrLupo, Nickmercs and Dakatoz all responded to the post in different ways.

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While these players don’t specifically call out their audience for being young, they don’t deny the sentiments of SypherPK’s original Tweet. 

Fortnite pros recognize that their audience often contains players from under ten years old to over thirty, and their content has to reflect that. 

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When Ninja began to take off, he made sweeping changes to his style of content. He stopped swearing and age-inappropriate jokes to be accessible to a wide audience.

It’s worked for him, and his comment sections have faltered for it, but that’s a trade he would surely make again.