Fortnite Players Already Think the Compact SMG Is Too Powerful as First Footage Surfaces

Ross Deason

Fortnite’s brand new Compact SMG, which looks a great deal like a P90, was added to the game on July 24 as part of the V5.10 patch.

Available in Epic and Legendary variants, the Compact SMG was expected to be extremely powerful and the first footage of it in action seems to confirm those suspicions.

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Shaun ‘Hutch’ Hutchinson took to Twitter soon after the update went live, saying “Yeah so Fortnite’s new Compact SMG is absurrrrrdly melty. Me likey.”

The Tweet is accompanied by a two minute video of the powerful new weapon in action and, yes, it really does “melt”.

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The fire rate of the Compact SMG is incredibly fast and it seems to be very difficult to counter, especially against bases, even for players that are building and creating cover at a relatively high level.

One clip from 100 Thieves’ Kenith has already started to make the rounds online, showing the professional player doubling up with the new gun to destroy opponents while saying “I actually want to cry at the state of the game”.

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The initial reaction to the Compact SMG from the Fortnite community seems to suggest that the majority of players think it is overpowered. Comments on the /r/FortniteBR subreddit have ranged from “questioning what epic are smoking to add this shit and nerf building” to “this is so overpowered it is quite sad”.

While others have argued that this is what people wanted when the game’s meta heavily relied on shotguns, nobody seems to be disagreeing with the idea that the Compact SMG is incredibly strong.

The issue for most people seems to be just how powerful the new toy is against bases and building, but there are still numerous complaints about the time to kill.

As is always the case with a new update, it will take some time for people to become accustomed to playing with, and against, the Compact SMG. However, if the initial reactions are anything to go by, we could see a nerf being implemented sooner rather than later.