Fortnite player kicked from team for allegedly stream sniping Liquid Chap

Epic Games / YouTube / Team Liquid

Australian Fortnite player ‘Keq’ has been kicked from Team Aggro after being accused of stream sniping Ryan ‘Chap’ Chaplo during the Blackheart solo tournament.

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The Team Liquid professional was participating in the solo event on Oceanic servers while awaiting the release of the East Coast tournament to see if he could land some prize money despite competing with a ping of over 260.

Nevertheless, his game did not go to plan as it appeared that a competitive player learnt of his location by watching his stream and targeted him knowing he would be at a disadvantage in order to gain health and points by eliminating the Liquid member.

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Chap reviewed the evidence showing Keq push out of the storm circle using the recently added volcano vents to fly to his exact location without any hesitation.

In spite of being under fire from various different players, Keq continues to focus on Chap even after he launchpads away from danger – he uses a balloon to follow him through Fatal Fields despite the storm quickly closing in.

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As a result of his actions, it was confirmed on Twitter that his contract with Aggro had been terminated immediately, with the founder of the team apologizing to Chap as well as disavowing his player’s conduct.

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“I’d like to apologize for my team members actions today. I can assure you that as one of the founders of “Aggro” (the team Keq was in)..his time with us will be terminated effective immediately.” said the team’s CEO and founder.

“We do not promote these types of behaviors in our team. Have a good day.”

In response to the allegations, Keq released a series of tweets himself where he confirmed that he did target Chap for some extra health/shield due to his high ping but denied that his stream was open. He also published a video to his YouTube channel explaining his actions.

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Keq claimed to have known Chap’s location due to memorizing his drop spot and pushed him aggressively in order to add some valuable points to his tally due to having poor loot.

While he admits to directly targeting Chap as he thought he would be an easy kill, he explains why he followed him up a mountain on balloons and also shows footage of Chap leaving the game when on the verge of death.

It’s difficult to know for sure whether Keq was in fact stream sniping with both sides of the story now available.