Fortnite Durrr Burger Mystery Continues as Agent Arrives Handing Out Phone Number

Calum Patterson

The large real life ‘Durrr Burger’ Fortnite mystery has had another advancement as reports claim an ‘agent’ has appeared and is handing out business cards.

In what appears to be an extravagant marketing ploy by Epic Games, a passerby, perhaps not so coincidentally, noticed a large real life recreation of the Durrr Burger sign from the Fortnite Battle Royale map.

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The sighting has sent fans of the game into a frenzy as they try to unravel the mystery that Epic Games is cooking up, likely in anticipation of the start of season five.

Although Epic is still yet to claim any responsibility for the Durrr Burger sign, it is almost certainly their doing and the addition of this mysterious agent with business cards is further evidence still.

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There was also a recreation of the Fortnite style police car, which was also posted to social media before quickly going viral as fans noticed the connection.

Another Twitter account, ran by someone living close to the site of the Durrr Burger sign and who travelled out to witness it themselves, posted the card they received.

On the business card is a number which when phoned apparently a ‘weird wind noise’ can be heard and is very similar to the noise made by the cracking in the game from the new portals.

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The number itself is from Estherville, IA, and some of the more interested fans discovered that a meteor once hit Estherville in the 1800’s.

There was speculation that the crash site of the meteor would be where the next major clue from Epic Games would be, but a fan claims they travelled out and saw nothing there.