FaZe Clan’s Fortnite Battle Royale Player Tfue Hits the Perfect Grenade Launcher Rebound Shot

Ross Deason
Twitter @TTfue

FaZe Clan’s latest addition to their professional Fortnite Battle Royale team hit an incredible trick shot with the Grenade Launcher during a recent match to show exactly why he’s on the roster.

Fortnite Battle Royale might be one of the most enjoyable games to have been released in recent years but that doesn’t mean there isn’t an incredibly high skill ceiling.

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The fact that some players are much better than others is no great secret but few people are aware of the fact that a professional scene is already starting to grow with some of the world’s biggest esports organizations picking up teams.

One of those organizations is FaZe Clan. With international titles in everything from CS:GO to Call of Duty and PUBG, FaZe will be expecting nothing less than excellence from their Fortnite roster.

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The most recent addition to the team, Tfue, joined on April 30th as the replacement for 72hrs. Some fans are now looking at FaZe the teams to beat as Tfue was widely regarded as one of the best free agents out there.

During a recent stream Tfue showed exactly why he has earned that reputation when he calmly lined up an incredible bank shot with the Grenade Launcher to win a match in incredible fashion.

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Even Tfue is surprised by how perfectly the shot lines up as it directly impacts the opponent player and blows him into oblivion.

The professional Fortnite Battle Royale scene is unlikely to take off properly until Epic Games implements custom matches as a permanent feature in the game.

But FaZe Clan is sure to be a scary team to mess with when there are players like Tfue around.