FaZe Cizzorz brings Duck Hunt to Fortnite with a pair of mid-air snipes

FaZe Cizzorz is certainly enjoying everybody flying around with gliders in Fortnite as he brings out the sniper to play a quick game of Duck Hunt on an unsuspecting duo.

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While high above the ground on the floating islands, Cizzorz ran into a duo who seemed intent on getting down and away from the FaZe sharpshooter.

Cizzorz had different plans and picked both out of the sky in quick succession.

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“We hit those, we hit those baby,” is just about the only thing you can say when pulling off a pair of midair snipes.

While he only actually got one elimination, the other person took a triple-digit snipe but managed to evade all the AR shots that followed, that doesn’t take away from the quick reads on the gliding duo.

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Tfue and Cloakzy might have had the best weekend in the FaZe house after winning Fall Skirmish and an obscene amount of money, but Cizzorz did well himself Tfue and Cloakzy win the Fortnite Fall Skirmish Grand Finals

Maybe if there were more people trying to glide at TwitchCon, Cizzorz could have won more money by putting his Duck Hunt skills to use.