Everything You Need to Know About the Leaked V4.5 Fortnite Cosmetics and Emotes – Images, Names, Rarities

Ross Deason

The continued data mining of the game files for the recently released Fortnite V4.5 patch has resulted in more cosmetics and items being leaked, including the names and rarities for the new Gliders, Pickaxes, and skins.

The speed that Fortnite Battle Royale data miners work at is becoming increasingly impressive and the amount of leaks from the July 27th V4.5 patch are already piling up just hours after it was released.

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The first big leak from @TwoEpicBuddies came in the form of new upcoming skins and outfits which include some exciting new concepts that players are already itching to get their hands on.

Next came the exciting prospect of some all-new items, including Pickaxes and Back Bling, and a number of new emotes, including a Pickaxe that looks like a magnifying glass, and a new “Infinite Dab” emote.

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Now we have the names and rarities for all of the upcoming items, emotes, and outfits, which can be found below.

The in-game videos and animations of the emotes have also been leaked, and can be viewed here.

Criterion (Legendary)

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Oblivion (Legendary)

Sleuth (Epic)

Gumshoe (Epic)

Fireworks Team Leader (Epic)

StarSpangled Trooper (Uncommon)

StarSpangled Ranger (Uncommon)

Noir (Epic)

Vertex (Legendary)

Terminus (Epic)

Viceroy Mark I (Epic)

Forerunner (Rare)

Destabilizer (Legendary) 

Stabilizer (Legendary) 

Blasting Cap (Epic)

Confidential Case (Epic)

Cluefinder (Epic)

Evidence Bag (Epic)

Deflector (Legendary)

Razor Edge (Rare)

Victory Lap (Uncommon)

Magnifying Axe (Rare)

Crimson Axe (Rare)

Bring It (Uncommon)

Infinite Dab (Rare)

Eagle (Rare)

True Heart (Epic)

Sparkler (Uncommon)