Epic Games Announces a Small Fortnite Update for the Nintendo Switch – August 1

A small update has been announced by Epic Games for Fortnite: Battle Royale on the Nintendo Switch.

The announcement came via Twitter on Wednesday, August 1 from the developer which states that they will be fixing a bug with ‘nameplates’ in the Playground Limited Time Mode.

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Epic states that the patch will be released later the same day at 11 PM EST (8 PM PST, 4 AM BST) and will only require a quick restart of Fortnite on the Nintendo Switch, rather than any elongated downtime.

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Although Fortnite: Battle Royale has been available to the public since September of 2017, the popular title only made its way onto the Nintendo Switch in June of 2018.

Fortnite’s release on the Switch sparked controversy after it was discovered that PlayStation 4 users were unable to play on the Switch due to Sony blocking crossplay, which ignited a substantial amount of community feedback.

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We will continue to provide more information if any other adjustments are added to the scheduled update on the Nintendo Switch.