People are obsessed with Fortnite’s Summer Striker skin and his weird leg

The new Summit Striker skin in Fortnite looks pretty good but seems to be suffering from a severe medical issue.

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The skin appears to have a second knee, somewhere in the middle of the shin which gives the skin three distinct sections of the leg.

It definitely looks a bit unnatural and a Reddit post flew to the top of the subreddit. 

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Weird character design is common in a lot of video games, it turns out designing a fluid human figure is actually quite difficult.

This skin does have some defenders who point out what could have naturally given the skin the weird different angles shown by those red lines.

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First of all, calves do have natural curves in them, and just a slight lean forward could naturally create those angles.

In addition, the skin’s clothing, especially the combat boots, may have contributed to the weird look.

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Anyone who has worn those high boots knows pants legs often bunch up at the top, which could be happening to this skin creating a weird look.

Ultimately, this is probably more thought than Epic put into the skin and it’s just a slight misdesign, but it’s taken over the Fortnite subreddit with a parade of memes talking about the strange deformity of the skin’s legs.