Audio From Fortnite Durr Burger Mystery Agent Has Been Decoded

Reddit has figured out the meaning of the agent handing out a phone number near the real life Durr Burger sign in California.

In the lead up to Season 5, a number of changes have appeared all over the map in Fortnite – most of these changes involve what people believe to be portals.

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When one of these portals appears on a the map, it usually destroys whatever it appeared on, like the sign on Lonely Lodge or the Tomato mascot of Tomato Town.

One of the mystery portals also destroyed the Durr Burger sign, but then the sign appeared in real life near a California desert.

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Shortly after the burger appearance, a mysterious agent handed out a phone number that when called, would play the sounds that were coming from the portal in the game.

Twitter user ‘FortniteLeaker’ noticed that phone call audio had changed and posted it on his account.

The new audio was actually a code, discovered by reddit users to read “067 000111.”

A user by the name of “Legoandmars” cracked the code, figuring out that 067 is APC code for “C,” while 000111 is binary for the number 7.

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C7 is the Greasy Grove location, where the burger sign originally disappeared. It would seem that a new clue is going to appear in game shortly.

All of these hints point to changes for Season 5 of Fortnite, which will launch on July 12th.


Image Credit: reddit