An Invisible One Way Wall Glitch is Causing Major Issues in Fortnite Battle Royale

Ross Deason

Some Fortnite Battle Royale players have been experiencing a strange “invisible wall” glitch since the release of Season 5.

The major V5.0 patch introduced Season 5 along with numerous major changes to the map, a new All Terrain Kart, various weapon balance changes and much more.

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However, one addition to the game that seems to have been entirely accidental is the strange new invisible wall glitch that a number of players have fallen foul of since Season 5 started.

One Reddit user, PetiteBitte14, shared a video of an invisible wall in action, saying that it had happened to him “a few times since Season 5 came out”.

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The video shows him attempting to attack a player through a gap in a roof in Retail Row but his bullets not connecting. Even after using his pickaxe to destroy a section of the wall, he is still unable to connect on the opponent but they are able to shoot him:

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Epic Games’ Sean ‘MrPopoTFS’ Hamilton was quick to respond to the Reddit thread, asking players to report this as a bug if it happens to them again.

To do so, you should select the “Feedback” button and label it as a bug with the title “Invisible Wall”. You should then include information on where it happened.

More information about the bug, and any progress made by Epic Games towards fixing it, can be found on the Community Issues Board where it is titled “Bullets blocked by invisible collision and not doing damage to enemies in certain areas.”

It is currently uncertain whether this issue is only affecting some players or is a problem with the map itself and, therefore, something that occurs in the same spot every time.