Streamer Who Spent $5K on FIFA Ultimate Team Packs Rants About ‘Poverty Kids’ Getting Better Players

Calum Patterson

A Twitch streamer went on a impassioned rant about the lack of good players he received in FIFA Ultimate Team packs after spending an estimated $5,000, complaining ‘poverty kids’ get better luck.

Ultimate Team packs are notoriously cruel forms of loot boxes, often requiring ridiculous amounts of money to be spent to ever get a top level player or ‘card’.

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Many FIFA streamers base the bulk of their content around opening packs, as viewers often tune in to see if they will get lucky and land a rare Ronaldo or Neymar card.

So when streamer ‘TheRealPugzilla’ dropped over $5,000 on packs to receive nothing better than an in-form Memphis Depay and Nabil Fekir, he lost his temper and began ranting about his bad luck.

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He suggests that ‘poverty kids’, presumably meaning those who don’t spend a great deal of money or open free packs, get better than him, who plays everyday and spends huge amounts.

“I’m so sick of f***ing poverty kids getting their f***ing poverty welfare packs, and everyone’s get free Suarez, free Neymar, everyone’s got free Ronaldo.

And I’m sitting here with Fekir and god damn 3,000 games played, wondering where the f*** my luck is? For playing this game religiously every day?”

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Clearly incensed, he likely reached breaking point after putting so much money into the game, perhaps partly for the sake of streaming as well as actually forming a strong Ultimate Team.

For FIFA 19, EA suggested at E3 that they would be looking into how the system works and making it more fair for everyone so that spending such large amounts of money would no longer be the norm.

However, according to Pugzilla, it is actually those choosing to spend less money who are getting the better luck, so maybe he needs to change his strategy.