FIFA 22’s broken Long Finesse Shots finally nerfed in first live balance update

. 9 months ago
Haaland lining up a finesse shot in FIFA 22

FIFA 22’s overpowered Long Finesse Shots have finally been nerfed in the game’s first live balancing update of the year and its safe to say that fans are pretty pleased with the change. 

Each FIFA released in the last decade has had some overpowered way to score goals. Some were all about near post shots, others had issues with crosses and headers, while others had problems with finesse shots.

In FIFA 22, it’s finesse shots that rule the roost again. Though, it hasn’t been like FIFA 12 where finesse shots anywhere around or inside the box would find their way into the back of the net. Instead, it’s the long-range efforts that have been an issue.

Players have repeatedly voiced their anger with the “overpowered” and “broken” finesse being spammed in FUT Champs games, and now EA SPORTS have finally moved to address the issue.

fifa 22 salah
Shooting has changed for the better in FIFA 22.

FIFA 22 update for finesse shots

In their first live balancing update of the FIFA 22 calendar, the developers have “slightly reduced the accuracy” of finesse shots taken near the penalty area and further beyond.

The change has been made to affect shots that are taken between “49.95 feet/15.22 meters and 149.85 feet/45.67 meters from the goal line,” with everything else being unaffected.

To break it down further, this means shots that are just a few yards outside of the ‘D’ at the top of the 18-yard box will no longer feel like they’re arrowed towards goal, and those beyond that shouldn’t leave you speechless as your goalkeeper flaps at the ball.

Players have quickly praised the change, too, calling the gameplay “fire” as a result, though others have urged caution. “Welcome to the 10 men in the box meta,” one said, noting teams might go more defensive as a result.

With this being a live change, you won’t have to update your game with a new downloadable update. It’ll just be applied when you next log in to play FIFA Ultimate Team.

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