FIFA 22 TikTok tries to expose “scripting” in FUT Champs & Squad Battles

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EA SPORTS have rejected the idea that scripting exists in FIFA 22 and others in the series, but some players on TikTok and Reddit compiled potential evidence to support the theory.

Career Mode, and more recently Ultimate Team, players have often had a hunch that there are forces at play in the gameplay that gives advantages in certain moments.

Whether it’s in Squad Battles, FUT Champions Weekend League, or one of the offline modes – theories are always flying around to explain defeats.

What is scripting in FIFA 22? Is it real?

Scripting is the most popular and long-standing theory in the FIFA community, claiming that momentum shifts in matches affect the difficulty to score goals.

This has, however, always been denied by EA SPORTS.

FIFA 22 scripting in FUT Champs?

Scripting is a popular theory in FIFA 22.

While the FIFA 22 developers vehemently deny the existence of scripting in their series, some still claim to find evidence to support the theory each year.

Some of these claims can be a reach at times, especially after losing games, though a clip from TikTok user ronaldoisgoat9 does appear to show some potential negligence from the in-game referees.

There is one instance where the ball falls back to the opponent who goes on to score. However, that’s not the most alarming as a second goal is disallowed for supposedly not crossing the line, only for the replay to show it should have definitely counted.

Any form of scripting in the most competitive competition would be extremely controversial, to say the least.

Squad Battles

Potential scripting in offline play has always been a more popular theory, supported by a section of the Career Mode crowd.

A Reddit user has also chimed in with a clip of Squad Battles. They said: “No scripting in SB? I’m controlling Gomez in the video, will not go to the ball like there’s a forcefield around it. Then runs the opposite direction!”

During the short video, Gomez can noticeably be seen moving away from the action to allow the striker a chance to shoot.

In the comments, other members of the community supported the point. One said: “I’ve had this happen a lot recently. Also, players do these when they should be receiving the pall for a perfect pass.”

Another added: “Yeah. The movement seems kinda off at times. Sometimes it feels like you are not in control at all. But it’s been like this for years….when the game thinks it’s time for one team to score…it finds a way.”

Despite the emergence of these two clips, and many more like it, the game’s developers are still yet to accept that scripting of some sort exists. That won’t stop players from wondering, though.

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