FIFA 20 TOTS packs potentially leaked

. 2 years ago
FIFA 20 Team of the Season leak

FIFA 20 players have been waiting patiently for EA SPORTS to reveal Team of the Season cards in-game, and packs for the upcoming event appear to have been leaked. 

TOTS have become a mainstay in Ultimate Team, with many cards given significant upgraded versions each season to reward the highest performers in the top divisions.

Given that there is so much uncertainty surrounding the sport’s schedule, as the current global crisis has seen most league campaigns suspended indefinitely and people encouraged to stay at home, many players have been wondering when TOTS will land in-game.

Van Dijk in FIFA 20
FIFA 20 players are waiting around to see who will be included in this year’s TOTS teams.

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FIFA 20 Team of the Season content leaked?

Well, they were handed some hope that the time was edging ever closer for them to land in FIFA 20, with FutWatch posting what appears to be data mined pieces of code from the game.

Since then, EA have confirmed their plans for Team of the Season, which you can read more about here.

As seen in the post below, there are also several packs seemingly in the works, with many being connected to different leagues that are usually included in Team of the Season – including the Bundesliga, La Liga, and Premier League.

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You may notice, however, that there is no mention of Team of the Season – nor TOTS – in the code.

This leaves the door wide open in terms of what these packs could be, but many members of the community are touting this as our biggest hint yet that the game’s most highly anticipated celebration will bring special packs with it.

It also might be content being prepared for the start of the next season pass for FIFA 20. At this stage, it is unclear.

If it is to be Team of the Season content, however, it’s likely that we could see them drop pretty soon as content plans have already been laid out by developers.

Here is the Premier League Team of the Season from FIFA 19. Who will feature this year?

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For all we know, at this stage, it could actually be another in-game event that EA have planned to fill the game up with fresh content in the absence of football.

Those interested in reading more about TOTS can check out our Premier League TOTSSF predictions.

We now know that the Team of the Season So Far promo will be a fan vote contest, meaning the community will decide who is worthy of what could be each players’ biggest update yet. Stick with Dexerto for more news on FIFA and more titles.

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