FIFA 19 Penalty Saving Tutorial | How to Save Penalties

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Most FIFA players will simply guess which way to dive when trying to save a penalty kick in FIFA 19. This is surprising, as you can actually calculate where the penalty taker is aiming. In this FIFA 19 penalty saving tutorial, we will explain how to save all penalties!

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Knowing how to save FIFA 19 penalties will give you a huge competitive advantage. This especially applies to game modes like FUT Champions, as games often end up going to penalty shootouts. With tricky wingers cutting inside the box, this may increase your confidence in making tackles to prevent goals.

In this FIFA 19 penalty saving tutorial, a couple of simple methods will be described. By paying close attention to these hidden tips and tricks, you will be able to accurately predict which way the penalty taker will go. This information also enables you to know how high to dive in order to save each penalty.

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How to Save Every Penalty in FIFA 19

Goalkeepers can also taunt the penalty taker by moving along the goal line, this can be done using the left analog stick. You can also make the goalkeeper move his arms, as well as various other actions. When performed at the right moment, this can give you a psychological advantage and put your opponent off.

Most users still believe that penalties in FIFA 19 are a game of luck. Pay close attention to the information below and saving penalties will become second nature to you. We recommend watching the video, as it is extremely helpful to see these methods actually demonstrated.

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FIFA 19 Penalty Saving Tutorial

Head Movement of the Penalty Taker

The first key trick to saving penalties in FIFA 19 is looking at the head movement of the penalty taker. Whichever way the penalty taker is aiming, you will notice that their head will move slightly towards that direction. This requires you to keep a close eye on the opponent’s head as soon as the penalty is given.

However, good penalty takers may realise that the goalkeeper is looking for this and change direction at the very last second. Doing this can increase risk though, as it generally decreases the accuracy of the penalty. You must also pay very close attention to this, as you will need to react very quickly when this happens.

Paying Attention to the Power Bar

When saving FIFA 19 penalties, you don’t only need to choose which side to dive, there are also three different heights that you need to consider. These heights are known as low, middle and high. The power bar of your opponent is key to determining this, as it signifies the height at which the penalty will be taken. This is displayed in the bottom left corner of your screen.

As well as knowing which way to dive by the player’s head movement, if the power bar is below one bar, this means that you need to dive at a low height. If the power bar is above one bar, but below two bars, you will need to dive at a medium height. Finally, if the power is above two bars, then dive at a high height.

This can be practiced in the practice arena. If both these tricks are carefully followed, this will enable you to win almost every FIFA 19 penalty shoot out and give you a big advantage against your friends and in competitive online play. You can potentially even boost your FUT Champions weekend league rank!

Let us know if you have tried this FIFA 19 penalty saving tutorial and whether or not it has improved your game. You can connect with us via Twitter, as we would love to hear your thoughts on this.

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