ePremier League Accidentally Leaked by a Premier League Club

Premier League team Wolverhampton Wanderers announced their entry into the world of esports, but that was not the big news to come out of their announcement.

It appears they have accidentally leaked the formation of an all new esports FIFA league, the ePremier League.

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In a press release, Wolverhampton said the following:

Stay tuned to these channels for a number of exciting, upcoming initiatives, including the imminent launch of the ePremier League.

The post was quickly edited, it now reads:

Fans will be able to tune in to Wolves eSports content Twitter, Instagram and Twitch. Stay tuned to these channels for a number of exciting, upcoming initiatives.

But the original release was live long enough for people to notice.

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Only three Premier League teams are currently involved in esports; Wolverhampton, Manchester City and West Ham.

If the announcement of an ePremiere League is as imminent as the Wolves accidentally claimed, some more teams must be on the way.

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The Premier League would not be the first to get involved in FIFA esports, Germany’s Bundesliga and Spain’s La Liga currently run digital versions of soccer tournaments.The MLS in the United States also has an eLeague.

Source: Esports News UK