FIFA 20 TOTSSF content roadmap revealed

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Team of the Season is one of the most highly anticipated events on the FIFA Ultimate Team calendar, but this year EA is taking a different approach – with a new “Team of the Season So Far” promo.

With basically no major football leagues playing games due to the current global crisis, the game’s developers faced a unique challenge with the annual FUT Team of the Season celebration drawing near.

Now, EA have announced that we’ll still be getting all the valuable items were used to seeing from the TOTS celebration, but with a different name and concept. Let’s run through how it’s going to work.

Marco Reus has overcome extended injuries to return to his dominant best in 2019/20 with Dortmund.
FIFA 20 players will soon find out who will be included in the Team of the Season – and they will be voting for selections.

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FIFA 20 TOTSSF Squad Releases and SBCs

Each Friday throughout TOTSSF, there will be a unique squad released showcasing some of the best players so far this season. Additional players from those sides will be available during the corresponding weeks as Objectives and Squad Building Challenges.

Nine additional squads will be released throughout the TOTSSF campaign. Two of those respective leagues’ side, the CSL and MLS Leagues, will be based on the most recent campaign that culminated before 2020.

Flashback SBCs are returning for TOTSSF, and players who have been featured in previous Team of the Seasons will be celebrated with special items.

Each week will feature a range of additional SBCs available for a limited time. Many old and new challenges will be released, including the popular Premium League Upgrade SBCs, available for 24 hours towards the conclusion of each League Team of the Season So Far beginning following the Community TOTSSF.

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Weekend League Rewards

Alongside that, in a blog post, EA revealed Weekend League rewards will be getting a refresh as well. All Player Pick packs earned each weekend will contain Red TOTSSF special items instead of TOTW/TOTW Moments ones, beginning with the Weekend League starting 24 April.

The TOTSSF Weekend League rewards that guarantee Team of the Season So Far special items will correspond to the leagues in packs at the time the rewards are issued.

Here’s how the Weekend League rewards will differ from a customary Weekend League according to EA:

WL Rank Achieved Reward Earned
Top 100 Ultimate TOTW Packs will be replaced with a TOTSSF Pack containing 11 TOTSSF Players from the specified League
Elite 3+ Elite TOTW Packs will be replaced with a TOTSSF Pack containing 3 TOTSSF Players from the specified League
Gold 2+ A minimum of 1 TOTSSF item from that week’s Friday release will be in any Player Pick packs earned
Silver 2/3 TOTSSF Player Pick pack rewards will be capped at 88 OVR

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Once the current TOTW Moments moves out of packs on Wednesday 29 April at 10 a.m. PST, FIFA will place TOTW Moments on hold during Team of the Season So Far.

However, if the football schedule resumes widely enough (as we’re all desperate for it to), Team of the Week would return following TOTSSF effective Wednesday, 10 June.

Otherwise, Team of the Week Moments will continue effective Wednesday, 10 June.

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