EA bans 30k FIFA 22 players for abusing no-loss FUT Champions glitch

. 9 months ago

It only took days for the FIFA 22 no-loss FUT Champions glitch to go viral, and now EA SPORTS is taking action against those abusing it. More than 30,000 players have been banned for abusing the glitch ⁠— but it won’t be permanent.

Every year, someone is bound to find a no-loss FUT Champions glitch to make their run easier. In FIFA 22, it took less than two weeks, with a viral TikTok sharing just how easy the exploit was with millions.

However, just as quickly as it took over FUT Champions in FIFA 22, EA has cracked down on it.

fifa 22 fut champions shield
FUT Champions is the proving ground for all FIFA 22 players, but some weren’t playing fair.

After fixing the issue on October 16, two days after the TikTok went viral, the developers have since taken further action by banning players who abused it in Ultimate Team.

30,000 players will be suspended for seven days, missing out on this weekend’s FUT Champions run, for abusing the glitch last weekend.

However, they won’t face any further sanctions, such as losing their rewards or being banned permanently.

“We have identified over 30K active accounts that exploited this issue consistently and have suspended them from FIFA 22 online for 7 days, preventing them from participating in this week’s FUT Champions Finals,” EA said in an October 19 statement.

The EA SPORTS Positive Play Charter prohibits using exploits, asking players to “keep things fair”.

Third-party tools for cheating typically land players in trouble, but for abusing easy in-game glitches in FIFA 22, EA is letting players off with a stern warning.

If another no-loss FUT Champions glitch pops up in FIFA 22, don’t expect EA to be so forgiving.

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