Best FIFA 22 meta passes & passing controls revealed by YouTuber

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fifa 22 passing with mbappe

The FIFA 22 meta is ever-changing with EA SPORTS rolling out regular gameplay changes, but there are a few really effective passing styles that can help you score more goals. 

This year the competition has never been greater in Ultimate Team, with FUT Champs Weekend League getting a big refresh with a new qualification system. There might be fewer matches when you qualify, moving down from 30 to 20 per weekend, but getting there can be grueling.

Creating more chances and scoring a greater amount of goals should solve your problems, though.

While FIFA 22 gameplay has had its critics, with some players arguing chances are few and far between in games, there are solutions to explore.

Best FIFA 22 passes to use: Meta tips

Trent Alexander-Arnold in FIFA 22
Picking the right passes in FIFA 22 can be the difference between a win and a loss.

On October 14, YouTuber NealGuides revealed some of the best meta passes you can perform in-game to get in on goal much faster.

The creator, who offers 1 on 1 courses for training, revealed several main tips that he’s noticed pro players have started to use. These are the following:

Best FIFA 22 passing controls

  • Driven Pass: R1/RB + X/A
  • Driven Through Ball: R1/RB + Triangle/Y
  • Lofted Pass: Double-tap X/A
  • Lofted Through Ball: Double-tap Triangle/Y

Each of these are explained in his in-depth video below.

One of the most interesting takes, for casual players at least, will be just how effective the lofted short passes have become in FIFA 22. Just by simply double-tapping the standard pass controls, a major advantage can be gained, as he says there aren’t many animations in-game that can combat it.

Whether it’s creating one of the best sets of custom tactics, picking the right formation, or knowing how to unlock a defence with these passes – some players are in tune with the meta and it’s working a treat for them.

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