TotalBiscuit to be first non-player inducted into Esports Hall of Fame

Calum Patterson
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The late John ‘TotalBisuit’ Bain, a legend in the esports community who sadly passed away earlier in 2018, is to be the first non-player inducted into the Esports Hall of Fame, ESL announced on October 19.

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TotalBiscuit, who also went by ‘Cynical Brit’, was a game critic, YouTuber, and professional esports caster, but retired in May of 2018 as he suffered from bowel cancer, first diagnosed in 2014.

He began as caster for games such as Starcraft II and gained popularity through his YouTube channel, where he would play, review and discuss all manner of games, from AAA titles to small indie releases.

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His series “WTF is…?” was one of his most celebrated, where he would discuss new releases and explain his thoughts and first impressions – for example”WTF is League of Legends” or “WTF is Counter-Strike: Global Offensive?”

But before YouTube fame, his involvement in gaming largely revolved around casting and hosting at esports events, and remains one of the most influential figures in the esports industry.

In recognition of his contribution and impact, the Electronic Sports League (ESL) will induct TotalBiscuit into the Esports Hall of Fame during ESL Hamburg 2018, at the end of October.

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From forming WoW Radio to his numerous YouTube shows and podcasts, TotalBiscuit was widely respected for his vast influences across the gaming community and his prominence also shaped the esports scenes around him. While he was never a player himself, countless events were managed, sponsored, commentated and produced by this true supporter of the sport. Aside from driving people towards esports titles such as StarCraft 2 and Dota 2, he even formed a professional StarCraft 2 team himself – Axiom.


His contributions to the industry are immeasurable and as such we are honored to induct him into the Esports Hall of Fame as the first non-player. His legacy will live on.

TotalBiscuit passed on May 24, 2018, and is survived by his wife, fellow YouTube personality Genna Bain and step-son Orion. He and his wife would have celebrated their 11 year wedding anniversary on October 20, 2018.

Source: ESL