YouTuber goes viral after rocking out with singing pet bird

Alice Hearing
Frank Maglio and singing bird Tico
YouTube: Frank Maglio Tico & the Man

YouTuber Frank Maglio has gone viral for playing classic rock tracks on guitar while his pet bird Tico sings along with whatever melody it thinks appropriate.

The internet absolutely loves adorable, amusing, or talented animals, from dogs that go “owa owa” sparking a global meme, to cats that will willingly partake in a pampering session.

One of the latest pets to get the spotlight is a Yellow-headed Amazon Parrot called Tico who demonstrated his singing talent to his surprised owner Frank Maglio just after the global health crisis hit.

Amazed at Tico’s talent, Frank uploaded a couple of videos to his Facebook page, and it became such a hit that he began a YouTube channel where he uploads regular musical numbers with the songful bird.

Yellow-headed Amazons are known for their impressive vibrato vocals, often described as operatic, however, Tico clearly has a penchant for rock music, and together Frank and Tico have covered a number of classic tracks including Stairway to Heaven, Don’t Fear the Reaper, and Psycho Killer.

Now Frank and Tico are getting the viral treatment they clearly deserve. On Twitter, one person shared their cover of Don’t Fear the Reaper and wrote “obsessed with this guy who just uploads videos of him playing classic rock riffs while his birb freestyles vocals.” Almost 200,000 people have liked the tweet at the time of writing.

Twitter users absolutely adored Tico’s skills, with one person responding “That bird has better pitch and timing than some singers (human) I’ve played with,” while another added, “it’s a million yeses from me, you’re going through to the live final.”

Millions of people have watched Frank’s videos, and currently, the musical duo has more than 100,000 subscribers and counting. Many are especially impressed by the fact that Tico actually appears to be singing in tune and even creating his own harmonies.

Although Tico doesn’t accurately copy the lyrics and vocals of each track, his own interpretation is definitely just as impressive.