YouTube Introduces New Features to Rival Twitch

YouTube has rolled out a set of new features which will allow more options for creators to earn revenue for their content.

With the online entertainment industry rapidly expanding across the world, the possibility for creators to earn a living from posting their content on various platforms has grown alongside it for a variety of categories.

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The desire to become a creator, especially in video entertainment, only continues to increase as time goes on, which has caused platforms to change their model in order to cater to creators and the ever-changing landscape of the scene.

During VidCon 2018, YouTube announced that they will be rolling out ‘Channel Memberships,’ a subscription-based service where viewers can pay $4.99 per month to receive custom badges, access to members-only content, and much more.

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Channel Memberships are similar to YouTube Gaming ‘Sponsorships,’ however, the new feature requires channels to have over 100,00 subscribers, be over the age of 18, and be a YouTube Partner.

While the program was originally launched in January for a select number of creators, YouTube plans to launch Channel Memberships to those that qualify.

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Creators will now be able to promote upcoming videos with a feature titled ‘Premieres,’ which are short, pre-recorded videos that will allow channels to interact with subscribers in a live-chat prior to the launch of a video and take advantage of the ‘Super Chat’ feature.

Premieres will give content creators a number of new opportunities for promotion, and will potentially change the way channels connect with their viewers.

According to YouTube, the ‘number of creators earning five figures a year is up by 35 percent and the number of creators earning six figures is up by 40 percent.’ While creators on the platform typically relied on advertisement revenue, the opportunity for other income streams has had a positive impact on those looking to make a career on the platform.

More information on all the new features can be found on the official YouTube Blog.