Why Dixie D’Amelio was ‘scared’ of going to YouTubers vs TikTokers event

Brad Norton
Dixie D Amelio YouTubers vs TikTokers
Instagram: Dixie D'Amelio / Instagram: Bryce Hall

24 hours after the first of its kind YouTubers vs TikTokers boxing PPV, one of social media’s biggest stars, Dixie D’Amelio, has revealed why she wasn’t in attendance.

The highly anticipated ‘Battle of the Platforms’ boxing event is finally in the history books. After months of building towards the social media showdown, it was ultimately Team YouTube that came away with a complete sweep, as every TikTok fighter was handed either a loss or a draw.

In the main event Bryce Hall finally faced off against Austin McBroom, though it was a short-lived contest. While a good number of internet celebs were in attendance to support their friends, one of the biggest TikTokers was absent.

Dixie D’Amelio missed the PPV and just 24 hours later, she explained why.

“It lowkey might be dangerous,” fellow TikToker Noah Beck explained in their new June 14 vlog. “That’s one of the reasons she’s not going.”

“It just doesn’t seem well planned out,” D’Amelio said during her partner’s latest upload. Despite being in the ring for Jake Paul’s scrap with Ben Askren, she opted to give this one a miss.

Explaining why, she simply didn’t believe the latest batch of social media bouts would lead to a safe environment. “I don’t imagine this one being well put together,” she argued.

Multiple scraps ahead of the main event gave off less of a professional appearance, according to the TikTok star. “The fact that people got tackled at the little meetup where they shook hands,” was a key reason she decided to stay home.

“Love all of them but have some composure,” Beck chimed in as well, agreeing with D’Amelio but heading to the event nonetheless.

It was ultimately a disappointing night for TikTok fans, one that D’Amelio didn’t see coming. “I would love for all the TikTokers to win,” she said during this pre-event vlog.

Evidently not a fan of antics leading up to the PPV, Triller may need to clean up its act if D’Amelio is to return at the next event.