What does “Jordan” mean on TikTok? TikToker tries to make “the biggest inside joke”

Charlotte Colombo
TikTok: Jordan Da Boo

It isn’t uncommon for words to take on different meanings on social media, but “Jordan,” the latest “inside joke” on TikTok, has divided users.

With TikTok being one of 2020’s breakout apps, it isn’t surprising that the platform has, in some ways, created a language of its own. However, while users are used to lingo such as FYP, POV and PFP, TikTokers all over the world were puzzled on Friday, April 2 as people kept commenting “Jordan” in response to videos on TikTok.

Why are people saying “Jordan” on TikTok?

TikToker Jordan Da Boo wanted to popularize the word “Jordan” on the app as part of what he calls “the biggest inside joke on social media.” In a now-deleted TikTok, Da Boo said via subtitles: “Instead of using the n-word, use the word ‘Jordan.'”

However, as the term continued to gain traction, the real meaning behind the word “Jordan” was revealed, which led to Da Boo uploading a second (also now-deleted) TikTok where he complained of people “ruining the joke”.


“How have people managed to ruin the inside joke already?” he asked via captions in the video. “It hasn’t even been 24 hours yet.”

Most TikTok users, especially those from BIPOC backgrounds, weren’t impressed with the joke. While one TikTok user remarked that “white people ruined it,” others felt that the blame lied with Da Boo. One user said that he “should’ve known that it was going to turn out like this” while another warned him that this “inside joke” could damage his career.

Along with the video’s deletion, the comments were scrubbed too.

Who is Jordan Da Boo?

Jordan Da Boo is a verified TikToker who is quickly growing in popularity on the app. The 17-year old, whose real name is Jordan Owens, has nearly 900k followers, while his videos have amassed 33.4 million likes in total.

He is mostly known for comedy skits and lip sync videos on his TikTok. So far, it remains unclear what will happen to the “Jordan” inside joke and if it has truly died off.