Viral TikToker Kierra Lewis stunned after meeting country singer Kip Moore

Georgina Smith
Kierra Lewis and Kip Moore next to each other
YouTube: Bobby Bones Shows / Instagram: kipmooremusic

Viral TikToker Kierra Lewis, who is known for hilarious videos expressing her love of various male country singers, was absolutely stunned when she had a surprise meeting with country star Kip Moore on the Bobby Bones show.

While some TikTokers go viral for dancing, some for singing, others for participating in trends, Kierra Lewis has carved out a niche of her own, and her followers absolutely love her for it.

With over 259,000 followers on the platform, Kierra has gone viral on multiple occasions, all thanks to her love of certain country singers. While she didn’t originally seem to be a huge fan of the country genre, she made a series of TikToks in which she discovered her affinity for some of the male country singers such as Sam Hunt, and promptly went viral for her entertaining commentary on their appearances.

Fans of her videos quickly suggested to her a range of artists that she might enjoy, and since then people keep coming back to Kierra’s videos to watch her entertaining personality.

One such artist that the TikToker has become a huge fan of is Kip Moore, a singer-songwriter who has released four studio albums.

But the last thing Kierra expected was to actually meet the star when she was invited on to the Bobby Bones Show.

On the show, she explained that there’s a certain “stigma” surrounding country music that meant she expected the artists to look much different from how they do, and that’s why she was so pleasantly surprised when she found out about the faces behind the songs she liked. When asked who her favorite is, Kierra revealed that “Kip is [her] top.”

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Originally, Bobby surprised the TikTok star by telling her that he had Kip on the other end of the phone, eliciting a startled scream from Kierra. But after the crew pretended they were having connectivity issues, she was even more blown away when Kip himself walked through the door of the studio.

After freaking out for a brief moment Kierra quickly regained her composure, and told the singer that she loved his vibe, commending his album ‘Wild World.’

Listeners fell in love with the TikToker’s personality, and it looks like she may have ended up gaining a few fans along with meeting her favorite country singer.